Sew like a pro. VELCRO® Brand fabric tapes and apparel fasteners make sewing fast and simple. Super soft baby clothes, invisible closures, quick Halloween costumes, we’ve got sewing fasteners for that.

Products for Sewing and Fabrics

VELCRO® Brand Sleek and Thin™ Fastenersfor Sewing


Sleek and Thin Sew On Tape is perfect for light weight and delicate fabrics. Low profile and truly discrete, Sleek and Thin fasteners have the strength you expect from VELCRO® Brand. Soft to the touch, great for close to skin applications. Stretchable with ultimate curvature for performance, also includes a sewing lane for easy stitching. Ultra light and breathable, yet suitable for long-lasting use.

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VELCRO® Brand for Sewing

VELCRO® Brand Sew On Tape

VELCRO® Brand Sew On fasteners are convenient and adjustable, a great alternative to snaps, button, zippers, and hooks. They have the strength you expect from a VELCRO® Brand product. Ready to redecorate? Create pillow covers that close securely without zippers that stick or buttons that pop off. Need an easy closure on that costume? VELCRO® Brand Sew On creates a closure that is virtually undetectable. Make it easy with VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners!

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VELCRO® Brand Soft and Flexible Fasteners for Sewing

VELCRO® Brand Sew On Soft and Flexible Fasteners

VELCRO® Brand Soft & Flexible Sew On fasteners are softer and more pliable than our standard sew on fasteners. The soft loop tape reduces bulk and adds comfort for lightweight fabrics and garments. This gentle loop knit is perfect for infant clothing and low profile drapes with fabric. These fasteners can be machine washed or dry cleaned.

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VELCRO® Brand Sleek and Thin™ Stick on Fasteners


VELCRO® Brand Sleek and Thin Stick On Tape requires no sewing and is perfect for lightweight and delicate fabrics. This low profile fastening solution is discrete, flexible and strong. Soft to the touch and great for close to skin applications. An easy to use, peel and stick adhesive creates a permanent bond that withstands laundering. (cold water wash and tumble dry low)

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VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back for Fabrics Fasteners for crafting


VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back for Fabrics just might be the most convenient tool in your sewing kit! Use this no-sew fastener in place of buttons, snaps, zippers or hook and eye closures. And it has all the strength you expect from a VELCRO® Brand product. Put together costumes for the kids or just make the ones from last year fit. If you can imagine it, Sticky Back for Fabrics can help you make it happen.

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VELCRO® Brand ECO Collections Fasteners for Sewing

VELCRO® Brand ECO Collection Sew On Fasteners

You’ve got choices. Sustainable choices. In and around the house, VELCRO® Brand Eco Collection can help you organize, revitalize, and inspire your creative side. VELCRO® Brand Sew On Tape is “sew” much easier than buttons, zippers, or snaps. Bring all your sewing projects to a “close.” Clothing, costumes, & home décor. Oh, and did we mention it’s made from 70% recycled material?

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Our Products in Action

For a sleeker silhouette—and a number of other DIY sewing crafts—try VELCRO® Brand Sleek and Thin™ Sew On Tape.

Rock your ORIGINAL THINKING™ this Halloween—be a superhero with a little help from VELCRO® Brand fasteners.

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